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Image“What is writing?” Kira asked.

Jen replied, “Words that stay.”

The Dark Crystal

Last Saturday my husband and I went to our local, independent theater to see Jim Henson and Frank Oz’s Muppet masterpiece The Dark Crystal on the big screen.  Neither of us had ever seen it in all its glory before.  I first saw it on HBO in the early ’80s when I was a child, and even though the Skeksis scared the crap out of me (especially that scene where the Scientist drains that poor Podling of its essence–shudder), its beauty and magic always stayed with me.  While watching it again last Saturday I was struck by the way Jen explains to Kira the meaning of writing as “words that stay.”  “How simple,” I thought, “how profound.  And it’s a damn good name for a blog.”

Names have power, and apparently the name “Words That Stay” contains the power to make me finally sit down on my butt and start a blog after years of contemplating doing so.  But a blogger needs something to write about, so I that’s how I decided on the tag line for “Words That Stay.” Poetry, prose, and prayer are things I already write in my day-to-day existence, only now I will be sharing some of my writing here.  Artistic or banal, magical or mundane, sacred or as profane as it gets, my words now have a home.  And other people can read them if they want to.