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This past weekend I led my Grove’s Summer Cross Quarter rite in honor of Athena.  We invoked her with two Homeric Hymns.  I love using ancient prayers in rites as they help to connect me with those spiritual ancestors who worshiped my gods before me and give the rite more “juice.”  Of course as a bard, I also find great spiritual efficacy in writing prayers and invocations of my own as connecting with the Muses brings its own juice.  I had wanted to write something new for Athena for this rite, but it was all I could manage to get the rite together, and I didn’t have the time or the brain power to left over to write something new.  So I have decided to share this invocation to Hermes from the rite with you as I haven’t shared any prayers yet, and well, “prayer” is right in the tagline of the blog. 

I wrote this prayer several years ago as the invocation part of a gateway opening that can be used in Hellenic-style ADF rites.  I use this prayer and gateway a lot in my personal work and in most of the public Hellenic ADF rites I’ve written, but I think the Athena rite on Saturday was the first time I heard someone other than me say the invocation and do the gateway opening.  Sometimes it takes listening to someone else speaking your words to help you appreciate their beauty and power again.  And the woman who did the invocation forged such an immediate and strong connection with Hermes that I knew immediately that he was present and that he was helping me to find my own magic within myself as I prepared, with the rest of those present at the rite, to open the gates between the worlds.

Hail Hermes!


Benevolent Hermes, befriender of men
Lending your strength to mortals in need
Kind-hearted god, guider of souls

Hermes, Hear our call!

Gracious Hermes, giver of joy
Passing time in rustic pleasures
Companion of nymphs, traveling the wilds

Hermes, Hear our call!

Glorious Hermes, crafty and quick
Speeding aloft on winged feet
Herald of Gods, Traverser of Realms

Hermes, Hear our call!

Hermes Psychopompos, guide us this day
And grant us a measure of your power
As you help us to find the power within ourselves.

Help us to:

Walk between the worlds
Traverse the three realms
And open the gates.

Great Hermes, be with us here! 
Great Hermes, accept our offerings!