Last night I participated in the “First Global Ritual to Dionysos,” organized by Narkaious Alepou of The Kantharos.   Part of the ritual included reciting an original poem that you wrote specifically for the ritual.  I have also been participating in Sassafras Grove’s, “Nine Days of Brighid,” and as luck would have it, yesterday we were honoring Brighid in her aspect as Goddess of Poets.  I was trying to write verses to accompany a Dionysos chant I wrote a few years ago, and the words were just not flowing.  So I called upon Brighid’s aid to help me, and this poem flowed out instead.  

The wine flows

From the jar to the cup

From the cup to my lips

From my lips to my veins

From my veins to my soul.

Rapture.  Release.  Madness

Sweet clarity in the still moment He enters me and makes me


Flowing within me as I flow

Into the dance.

Taken by His frenzy

Bound by His Mystery

Freed into ecstasy.

Howling and raging my voice joins in the Song of the Night

A confluence of catharsis

Driven by Dionysos to the depths of delight.

Hail Brighid!  Io Dionysos!