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I have worked with Hermes as a Gatekeeper in my ADF-style rites for many years, and in most of the Hellenic rites I have written for my Grove, I have called Hermes as Gatekeeper.  I decided that it was time to lead a rite to him where we would explore some of his many other aspects, and my Grove performed this ritual two weeks ago.  I wrote this invocation to him after a visionary experience I had during a trance induction, and it turned out very differently from the way I had planned to write it.  This vision vividly reminded me that the gods do not just exist in the past, wearing their cloaks and tunics and traipsing through the Greek countryside, but that they very much exist in our world right now.  I found that to be an important reminder, and I decided to share it here.

Invocation to the Being of the Occasion:  Hermes

In the Hermes Gateway Meditation we have used in the past, I have asked you to “fix the image of Hermes fast in your mind. . . the winged sandals. . .the short cloak. . . the wide-brimmed hat. . . the curling hair. . . the golden wand. He may appear to you as a beardless youth or as a man in his prime—the gods wear many faces as it please them.” And this is indeed true. Hermes recently appeared to me in a vision, and he was not wearing the garb we see on the ancient vase paintings. He appeared to me as a man in his 30s, with short blond hair and a blond goatee. He was wearing jeans, a black T-shirt, a simple, black leather jacket, and black and grey Sketchers. He was standing at an airport bar with a drink in front of him and a black, leather, rolling suitcase on the floor next to him.

And it reminded me that the gods are alive and present in our world, and in our lives, today as much as they ever were in ancient times.

Perhaps he’s an athlete who’s just been traded to a new team, ready to make a fresh start.

Perhaps he’s a writer, traveling to speak at a conference full of fans.

Perhaps he’s a business man, aiming to close an important deal.

Perhaps he’s a thief, off to disappear with his ill-gotten treasure.

Perhaps he’s a diplomat, hoping to secure a treaty to bring peace to his nation.

Perhaps he’s a rancher, off to attend a trade show to learn new methods of caring for his herds.

Perhaps he works for an international adoption agency, and he’s traveling to help new parents bring their children home.

Great Hermes, you work within our world and in our lives in many, many ways. We thank you for your aid as Gatekeeper over the years, and we celebrate you for all of your many talents, gifts, and blessings. Be with us here and accept our offering, as we seek to honor you and strengthen the relationship between us as individuals and as a Grove.

Hermes, Hail and Welcome!