Aphrodite announced her presence in my life when I was 23 years old, and I have been her worshiper and Priestess ever since (see “Remembering Morning Glory” for that story).  Today is Thursday, the day I typically honor her specifically in my weekly worship cycle, and I felt compelled to recite the prayer I wrote many years ago pledging myself to her service.  As I haven’t shared anything here in quite some time, I felt it would be appropriate to share it today.

Heavenly Aphrodite, beloved from afar; ever chaste, always longing, glowing pure but ever burning with a needful desire. Golden Aphrodite, shapely and enchanting; the curve of your hips and your breasts and your lips, whispering words wickedly wondrous, setting pulses racing; entangled, entwined, enraptured by your whiles, at your whim as you beguile. Black Aphrodite, Mistress of Night, when lovers meet with shades drawn and lanterns low; indulging in your gifts of love, laughter and sweet fulfillment, finally falling exhausted into sated sleep.

Beloved Goddess, I cherish your many blessings and I pay you due honor. I pray you accept my words as an outward sign of my love and devotion, but ever know that I will always hold you fast within my heart.